National Park Float Trips • Moose, WY

About Us

National Park Float Trips is operated by Triangle X Ranch.

Five generations of Turners have called Grand Teton National Park home since July 6, 1926. John S. Turner bought the property from a homesteader where now sits the Triangle X Ranch by paying twice what the owner had asked. Treating a man fairly was an unwritten code of the mountain west. That summer Turner came to the valley with his two sons, John C. and Bert to begin building their new home. Thus began a long history of living in harmony with this great land.

In 1950, Congress included much of the valley floor into an expanded Grand Branding on Triangle X Dude Ranch – Jackson Hole Wyoming Teton National Park, including the acreage of the Triangle X Ranch. Today, the Triangle X continues operation as a working dude ranch and as an authorized concession of the National Park Service – the last dude ranch concession within the nation’s entire National Park’s system.

You can learn more about the Turner family and the history of Triangle X at We bring this rich heritage to you during each trip down the river. Our guides have the same passion and respect that the entire Turner family still holds for this pristine countryside. Our float trips are meant to be relaxing and inspiring, this makes them the perfect choice for children through seniors.

Triangle X’s National Park Float Trips invites you to browse our scenic float trip schedules and give us a call or submit a contact inquiry with any questions you may have. You might also be interested in having us mail you a brochure by filling out our contact us form.